Sree Sree Sarada Vidyapith ( H.S )


Dubrajpur Sree Sree Sarada Vidyapith organized by Dubrajpur Sree Sree Ramkrishna Ashram, is one of the best schools in Birbhum. It is located on the main road ( Dubrajpur- Bakreswar ) and very close to Dubrajpur rail Station . It was established by Sree Sree Thakur satyananda Dev in 1952. First the school was run by Swami Bhupananda Maharaj, B.Sc ( Physics Hons .), L.L.b ( First Ex. Head Master ) . He was a great educationist and a spiritual man. Then this institution was developed step by step by his noble thought and selfless dedication. Inspired by this great personality some broad-minded local people and the previous ideal teachers helped him towards the success of his great mission.

Aims & Objectives:

Today this school is still in a good position and now it is an ideal higher Secondary School in this area. It is housed in a big three storeyed building with plenty of air , water, light ,sufficient infrastructure and beautiful natural sights. It has a big playground, good library , a science-room equipped with modern apparatus and so on . About 1800 students attend the school . All the teachers are highly qualified and wise. They love the students dearly and teach them with great care and sincere. The school scores good results in the final examination every year .

Inspiration & Motto:

The authorities of this school take interest in all round development not only for the students but to make a friendly relation between the teachers the persons who are attached with the institution .

Inspired by the spirit of blessing of Sree Sree Sarada Maa, all the well-wishers come forward whole-heartedly to take sincere step towards the development of the school.

The motto of this school is sincererity, honour and service.

The people of Dubrajpur are proud of this school.